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Farming with new technologies.

Managing with wise applications.

Processing from husbandry to slaughtering.

Tracking from initial supply to end consumer.

We make farmer easier, we win more trust from consumer.

Easy Farm

MTC Easy Farm System is built upon industrial solutions, focused on the supply chain, integrated with ERP system. Aim to build an intelligent farm system, to help modernizing agricultural business.



MTC Easy Farm Suite:

•  Swine Industry Management System:

From feeding, breeding, nursery, finishing, slaughtering, processing, distribution to consumer.

•  Poultry Integration Management System:

From feeding, breeding, hatching, production, slaughtering, processing, distribution to consumer.

•  Agricultural industry chain management system:

From seedling, growing, processing, distribution to consumer.

•  Quality tracking system: Enable the traceability of product quality.

•  Real-time system:Real-time monitoring, data analysis and alerting of farm environment control and production data.

•  Mobile solution:Shorten the sales cycle,  response the customer quicker by using a single, unified mobile platform. .



MTC Easy Farm Suite enables integration of business processes in terms of farms, slaughterhouses, food processing factory, logistics distribution, sales and other business units. It enables real-time management, monitoring and statistical data analysis as well. Each observation point could be watched closely through the computer, mobile phone or other mobile terminals with the real-time data such as breeding, protection, environmental control, epidemic prevention, slaughtering, processing condition.

In addition, the reporting system helps you analyze data of business trend of industrial chain, improve efficiency and avoid risk. As a result, the system guarantees the food-safety and increases the satisfaction of agriculture & food enterprises.