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Recently, MTC successfully signed contract with Xiamen Chen Xiang Food Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Chen Xiang Food), marking that MTC has had one more typical customer nationwide.

catering industry solution

catering industry solution

Chen Xiang Food is affiliated with the list company TPK Group (Chen Hong Science and Technology) and provides quality catering service to TPK Group upon the principles of “hygienic and safe, nutritious and healthy, good quality guaranteed”. TPK Group has production and managerial personnel numbered over 50,000, and nine factories all across Xiamen’s downtown area as well as peripheral regions. Chen Xiang Food is responsible for the processing & distribution of group meals of all TPK’s factory districts, supermarket supply and direct business operation.

To ensure that 50,000 employees in TPK Group can enjoy four fresh and safe meals every day, and also with the purpose to improve the food company’s management efficiency and regulate business operation, Chen Xiang Food decides to accomplish the integration of finance and business, cost analysis and management system of logistics and distribution, meanwhile to give considerations to supermarket purchases, sales and inventories as well as finance control by means of informatization. Although the informatization management of Chen Xiang Food is less perfect, its parent company TPK Group is an SAP user. The project manager of Chen Xiang Food, therefore, knows very well SAP’s advantages like high efficiency, stability and flexibility. Depending on years of accumulation of experience with food industry informatization, remarkable technical expertise of implementation team, considerate customer service, and in-depth understanding of customers’ business demands, MTC is highly recognized and appreciated by managements of customers.

As SAP’s gold partner, MTC is proficient in chain catering industry. MTC’s information solution for catering industry provides Chen Xiang Food with an integrated platform covering the entire supply chain, logistics, operation, finance and business. Meanwhile, MTC equally offers ERP functions for catering production, distribution, sales and other sections (including production planning, warehouse logistics management, commerciality and back-office application, e.g. pricing, promotion, contract management and finance.)

The SAP project of Chen Xiang Food will officially get online on Jan. 1st, 2014. With a joint effort from Chen Xiang Food, MTC will provide customers with more hygienic and nutritious, safer and healthier, and better quality catering service.