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Status and characteristics of the industry

As an industry that has a High reliance on oil as a raw material (petro), chemical fiber industry, the economy and the price of oil has a high positive coherence. In recent years, with the excessive growth of crude oil prices, the gradual high-end drive away, in addition to the demand for chemical fiber product is lush, the product price rose much higher than the price of crude oil rose.
However, the chemical fiber industry enterprises generally modern management level has to be improved. Associated with the development of information technology, how to enhance the level of information technology of the industry to a new level has become more and more urgent.


Status and characteristics of China Petrochemical

The general characteristics are as follows: a long industrial chain, associated professional and business units widely distributed, large-scale enterprises, complexity of the production and management system complexity, information construction difficulty.

The overall features are characterized by combination of building and using. At this stage of construction, the China Petrochemical focus on ERP command system of production and operations scheduling, e-commerce, centralized purchasing, standardize operations, strengthen monitoring, production, operations, supply and marketing, and other sectors.



SAP chemical fiber industry solution is launched by Shanghai MTC Information Technology Co., Ltd, based on SAP Business One platform, combined rich experience in the industry. The program combines advanced management concepts, methods and means, according to its specific business situation, industry tailored for chemical fiber enterprises appropriate to national circumstances. Take a fiber enterprise for example, below is a brief introduction to the MTC management program features:


Program features

SAP Business One is powerful. The features and functionality of its products are very satisfied with the sales type business characteristics, and it also has a strong flexibility, which can be changed according to the characteristics of business processes.


Implementation Highlights

Through the SAP Business One implementation, a comprehensive business process management has been realized. Transfer absolute weight to sales weight based on water content. Calculate sales profits according to the cost and a variety of commissions.

Not only the product has good performance, but also in terms of follow-up services, we provide follow-up customer demand upgrade services as well as provide a software package, such as a new after-sales service and the human resources KPI.

In preliminary results, the enterprise with the MTC subsequent implementation plan put forward new demands. MTC assists enterprises to achieve the state at any time to view the arrival of a certain single in a business process. Where does the order go to? Do the goods arrive? Have the goods been sold?  Does the money arrive? All of these have made ​​corporate decision makers and managers in the process of in-depth application of information technology to the global control of truly glance.