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 SAP Business One Best Practice

——MTC“Chicken Integration” Industry Chain Solution Built upon SAP Business One

Being a pillar industry of China’s national husbandry, poultry breeding is an industry that enjoys the largest scale, the highest degree of intensification and the most closeness to the international advanced level. With the development of modern husbandry, more and more enterprises have put through the upstream and downstream industry chain, and established a more well-rounded management model that realizes “poultry integration” industry chain through the combination of breeder, hatching, breeding, slaughtering, feed processing, meat processing and sales. Meanwhile, the enterprises need an integrated IT platform urgently to improve their  information management level.


Poultry Vertical Integration Solution

MTC “chicken integration” industry chain solution is an information management platform tailored for the poultry production enterprises. It is built upon SAP Business One platform and combined with MTC’s rich IT implementation experience in poultry integration industry. The solution helps your company establish a management platform that covers the whole industry chain, addressing production management, logistics management, environmental control, cost control, market pricing, quality tracing, business process and real-time analysis functions, etc. The solution achieves the following goals to make your growth:

The solution aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Overall optimization of the integrated business process.
  • Integrated and overall quality tracing and management.
  • Integrated lean management of cost and KPI analysis.
  • Operational planning system across the entire supply chain.
  • Real-time monitoring farm environment and operation performance.
  • Visualize intelligent business of operational and financial analysis.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems.



  •  Integrated Management Platform: to eliminate isolated system and acquire management of entire industry chain including breeding, hatching, production, slaughtering, meat processing, distribution, retailing, etc.
  • Various Production Modes: support corporation self-sufficiency and corporation & farmer production modes.
  • Planning Management: to realized automatic calculation of breeding, slaughtering, transportation, sales etc. and to work out production and sales plans according to the properties of raw material, production capacity and production period.
  • Environmental Control System (ECS) Interface: Automatic reading of ECS data, real-time monitoring and timely warning.
  •  Quality Management: Lot control, integrated quality tracing and recalling, expiration management, etc.
  •  Cost Control & Analysis: Multi-method, automatic cost control and variance analysis based on raw material level, business stage, semi-finished and finishedproducts level. Effective control over sections of variance.
  •  Profit Analysis: Multi-dimensional analysis of sales and profit according to region, farmer, business unit and salesperson.
  •  Business-critical Points’ Management: breeding, hatching, feed & medicine, farm real-time data, farmer comparison, death & culling rate, feed conversion rate, yield rate, meat products reception and dispatching, etc.
  • Acquire accurate business data in real time, and provide scientific report via all-round and multi-perspective data analysis.


  •  Integration

Seamless integration between business units

Integration of financial and business

Integration of business and workflow

Integration of system and 3rd party software

Integration of master data, documents and reports between business units

  •  Growth

Growth of new business

Growth of new process

Growth of new process details

Improvement of process details

  •  Manageability






By using MTC “chicken integration” industry chain solution, you will get the following benefits:

  • Build a comprehensive, regulated, accurate and real-time information management platform. Make business with good expandability and replicability.
  • Standardize enterprise business processes. Improve the capability of coordination and efficiency. Optimize and balance supply chain.
  • Effectively control the risks of breeding, hatching, production, slaughtering, processing, sales, inventory, transportation and product quality.
  •  Acquire accurate product’s cost composition and shorten the accounting time to hours through scientific cost accounting method.
  • Realize safety and quality traceability system of the whole business cycle. Real-time enquiry of delivery time, lot and raw material. Response to customer timely.
  • Mobile solution speeds up the data transfer cycle and improves the customer satisfaction.
  •  Real-time planning & report & analysis, make the business processes more transparent and management decisions more scientific.