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Characteristics of the electronics industry

Electronics manufacturing enterprises are typical discrete manufacturing enterprises, with multi-species, multi-volume / single-piece production organization. Most electronic enterprises make production by orders, but still, temporary orders often occurs, and sometimes required a trial of new products. Production orders are divided into small quantities of many varieties, or a large number of varieties.

The whole production process is not continuous, a noticeable pause between each step and the waiting time exist in the various stages, , the production process is usually decomposed into many processing tasks to complete, each task requires only a small part of the capability and resources;

The production process route and the use of the equipment are very flexible, and more changes in product design, processing requirements and the number of orders.

All business aspects of the corporate put emphasis on project management. Contract signed with the customer is treated as a project. Take the project as main line, link such as marketing, purchasing, parts, products, financial departments.


Industry management difficulties

•Frequently of project information, poor communication, lagging project progress, all of these caused that the managers on the progress of the project’s cannot grasp overall enough;

•Manage budget according to sector and project; Query budget implementation situation, alarm and take control when over budget;

•Departments, project costs, profit, gross profit and other financial data and statements cannot be able to generate in real-time, and the calculation of the heavy workload and different report format make the work harder.


Characteristics of SBO electronics industry solution

A real solution of management
SAP solutions in the summary of the most advanced international management concept and practice improvements, combined with the large number of users on the basis of management tools, methods and business processes, according to the specific needs of the electronics industry, after the parameters configuration and secondary development, electronic enterprises and scientific management, standardization and intelligent goal. Help the electronics enterprise management personnel to implement the management methods and ideas to complete the international standards, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Truly integrated application solution
SBO electronics industry solution is a truly integrated solution. The program contains four parts: enterprise resource planning systems, CRM management systems, business intelligence systems, workflow management system.