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Status and Characteristics of the Industry

The feed industry is a comprehensive industry connecting farming, aquaculture, livestock products processing industry, consumer and other industries, is the material basis for the development of modern farming. The feed industry has an important influence on the development of animal husbandry, and is not only an important method to develop the animal husbandry and realize the modernization and commercialization of animal husbandry and farming, but also an important part of the national economy and the industrial system.


After 20 years of rapid development, the feed industry has entered a mature stage. And it is facing a pattern of big development, big competition and big elimination: the next 5 years, the feed industry will be more technical and networked. Unlike the construction of the initial office automation and website, this information revolution will be characterized by e-commerce, network technology service platform and enterprise ERP integrated management.


Industry Solutions

SAP feed processing industry solution is a kind of great solution based on the platform of SAP Business one and launched by MTC.

Take a young pig feed enterprise for example, below is a brief introduction to the MTC breeding management program:

The program focuses on the focus and difficulty of the feed processing industry.

•Master data management: large number of legal entities, multi accounts management.

•Quality management: check and debit procurement chain of raw materials, quality traceability, and expiration management.

•Profit Analysis: How to analyze multidimensional profit according to the area, the company and the salesman.

•Management and control of business-critical points: the line of credit, and prices.

Program Features

•Managing enterprises’ master data, purchasing, sales, production, finance, inventory, and other sectors;

•Cross-company, cross-regional multi accounts, corporate joint management;

•Complete business-critical system management and control through system configuration;

•Develop related system integration by SDK;

•Help management analyze business through system reporting tools, Crystal Report and so on.

Value embodiment

•Standardize enterprise business management processes

•Improve business execution efficiency, control procurement / sales / inventory risk

•Real-time production reporting, accurate knowledge of the production , profit analysis reports, and timely information on market conditions and profit

•More accurate inventory and strict quality management

•More scientific costing accounting method, and accurate understanding of the product cost structure

•Cost accounting reduced form days to hours

•More quickly, accurate and detail financial reports, better financial reporting and analysis