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On Nov. 15, Shanghai MTC Information Technology Co., Ltd (herein after referred to as MTC) pleasantly signed contract with Shanghai Fields Trading Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Fieldschina), successfully setting up a brand new benchmark for informatization of e-commerce enterprises of food industry. MTC will work hand in hand with Fieldschina to realize information control and quality traceability system of the entire food industrial chain covering all details from farm to table, and bring consumers green, healthy and delectable organic food. Meanwhile, Fieldschina will offer customers faster and easier shopping experience by the further application of SAP logistics and warehousing platform.


 High-end ingredients from Fieldschina

Founded in 2009, is an e-commerce company devoted to providing customers with safe, healthy and high-end food products and ingredients. With American plant expert of organic farming as its founding father, Fieldschina is equipped with a mature supply chain of fresh and dried food as well as a self-constructed warehousing and logistics system.

Fieldschina brings customers top-rank ingredients and guarantees all food sources are reliable and stable. The company’s top management taste every food product in advance during the selection of products and suppliers. Fieldschina, therefore, has a wide range of suppliers from top notch local organic farms to seafood & aquatic products suppliers directly fishing in Norwegian and Arctic region.

To better cooperate with suppliers to ensure food safety and live up to customers’ expectation, Fieldschina made the realization of the traceability of the entire food industrial chain its prime task, striving for higher stock-in/out and sorting efficiency, i.e. 4 times a day delivery. From then on, Fieldschina started a round of worldwide selection of ERP suppliers. For ERP implementation suppliers, Fieldschina has requirement as high and professional as it has for itself. After more than half a year of market observation, managerial communication and solution evaluation, Fieldschina eventually chose MTC—an information expert in food industry— together with its information solution for food e-commerce industry built upon SAP.

MTC’s focus upon ERP solutions for the entire industry chain of agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry happens to be in perfect harmony with Fieldschina’s corporation culture, i.e. to guarantee the quality, safety and freshness of food from farm to table. In addition to this happy coincidence, MTC also harbors rich IT consultation and implementation experience with food processing, delivery and distribution. So far MTC has had tens of successful implementation cases for food industry –oriented manufacturers worldwide, and its expertise in food industry informatization has obtained recognition of Fieldchina’s management.

SAP’s informatization project for Fieldschina will be a benchmark within the domestic fresh food e-commerce industry. MTC is well ready to create an all-around and integrated platform for SAP finance, logistics and warehousing management for Fieldschina, assisting it in bringing customers green, tasty and healthy organic food!