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Status and Characteristics of the Industry

The food industry is most closely linked industry and people’s daily life. With economic development, the increasingly fierce market competition, food processing enterprises gradually showed the following characteristics:

•Competition has changed from by a single enterprise into competition in the entire supply chain : food processing, especially meat food processing, stable supply has become the key factors affecting business can be profitable and the sustainability of development.

•More emphasis on quality management : With the improved quality of life, people concerned about the safety of the food is more concerned about the food taste and style. How to strengthen quality control and how to make good product traceability has become a business must face the issue.

•Reduce costs, strengthen management : With the step-by-step transparency of market competition, procurement, sales price are becoming transparent, the food processing industry enterprises gradually enter the era of little profit. Accurate accounting of product cost analysis of the cost structure and the differences become a key to corporate management.


Industry Solution

For food processing enterprises how to break out? The answer falls on how to reduce costs, increase costs into profits, turnover rate falls. Speed up the flow of the process of large-scale, standardization, information technology, reducing the circulation of intermediate products. And the high or low degree of information is crucial.

SAP food processing industry solution is launched by MTC, based on the SAP Business One platform and years of deep understanding of the food processing industry. Programs include the sales, production, purchasing, finance, quality management, and make full use of corporate resources, to ensure the consistency of the supply chain.

Program Features

•”3 flows ” “4 sides ” : The flow of the reunification of the logistics, information flow and financial flow are closely integrated. Each critical business system automatically changes each business state, including the documents state, and inventory information, recording financial information. The four sides (Purchase order, goods receipt, invoice, payment) matching statements makes procurement Reconciliation visible and business at a glance.

•Supplier Quality Management: the quality of the raw materials directly affect the quality of the products, the information of the raw material into the rate could be reflected in the system in real time according to the supplier and the batch.

•Business-critical point control: Control key points according to the characteristics of the food processing enterprises, such as shelf-life control, to prompt customers when the materials will soon exceed the shelf life and does not allow reproduction shipment exceeds the shelf life.

•Track quality with the main line of “batch”: batch for clues quality tracking can be traced back to the finished products, raw materials, according to the finished product batch NO. , and then goes back to the other finished product batch, thereby deduce batch of finished products sent to.