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ERP Management Software of Animal Husbandry

Status Quo and Features of Animal Husbandry Industry

As informatization is quickly covering a vast variety of industries, animal husbandry is developing with the characteristics like scaling-up and intensification so as to reach the internationally advanced level. Although modern farms are becoming more and more industrialized and scientific, still enterprises are short of management standards, advanced management methods and integrated management platform. It has become increasingly urgent for the informatization degree of animal husbandry industry to rise to new heights.

Challenges of informatization of animal husbandry industry:

•  Comparatively low degree of informatization. Large enterprises usually employ the business management system developed by themselves. Such management system cannot meet enterprises’ demand of fast development due to its disadvantaged basic structure, incompetent stability and weak expandability.

•  No integrated technology platform to support the management system, no financial system to integrate with business system, no consistent management indicators, fail to realize the integration of finance and business, and all these lead to the isolated information island.

•  The ever intensifying competition places stricter requirement upon enterprises’ cost and performance, as well as data’s transparency and real-timeness.

Animal husbandry industry solution:

SAP animal husbandry solution is a powerful solution built upon SAP Business One platform and combined with MTC’s rich IT implementation experience in animal husbandry industry.  Addressing the characteristics of animal husbandry industry and fused with domestically advanced management concept and manner, it is an ERP management system tailored for domestic animal husbandry enterprises to deal with the detailed business conditions.

Functions of animal husbandry management system:

Seamless connection between automatic facility and the entire production flow.

• seamless integration between hardware and software: to realize the automatic management of environmental control, weighing and feeding, etc. through the 3rd party data interface.

• automatic transmission of data: seamless data collection. Real-time transmission of all production data which are to be displayed on personal hand-held terminals.

•Automatic alarm: computerized automatic alarm system available for any potential situation.

Improvement of the entire enterprise’s productivity.

• To improve the efficiency of management through warning system and the push of work orders.

• To achieve full-loaded and balanced production of animal husbandry through the real-time analysis of production data.

• To reduce mortality, increase feed conversion rate, and sharply raise the entire economical efficiency of animal husbandry industry through proper management of animal feeding and epidemic prevention.

Highly efficient management of all business flows.

•  Planning management: To perform automatic calculation of feeding & breeding, slaughtering, transportation and sales, etc. , and map production & sales plans based on raw materials, production capacity and periodical table.

•  Quality management: Lot control, recall of products and quality traceability of the entire production chain, expiry date management, etc.

•  Cost analysis and control: Multi-method, automatic cost account and difference analysis based upon ranks of raw materials, business stages, and ranks of semi-finished & finished products. Effective control of sections involving discrepancies.

•  Sales and profit analysis: Analysis of sales condition and profit according to different dimensions e.g. areas, farmers, business units and salesmen, etc.

•   Control of business key point: Cultivation and hatching of breeders, feed and medicines, real-time data of farms, comparison of farmers, mortality, feed conversion rate, delivery and reception of meat products, etc.

•  Real-time and accurate acquisition of business data. All-round, multi-perspective data analysis provides management with the decision-making basis.