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ERP Management Software for Chain Restaurant Industry

  Background of Chain Restaurant Industry

With the acceleration of the integration of the global economy, competitions in food market have become increasingly intensive and exhibited new characters: due to the ever-intensified low-cost competition, food industry has ushered into an era of meager profit. To enhance brand building and quality management is no longer sufficient for enterprises to achieve development. A great leap forward from reduced cost alone to low cost accompanied by scientific management and all-round customer service has been taken already.

Central factory (warehouse) and chain store are two major forms of enterprise organization within food industry. Many food enterprises own both forms and others have chain stores as major form.

Retail is the terminal and crucial section of food industry chain. It involves the following features:

  • Small product while large market, low unit price while huge consumption
  • Brand and sales network being the keys to winning market competition
  • Wide product variety and quantity, limited storage life
  • Large number of  customers and high volume of business that require multiple distribution channels
  • Frequently updated price and flexible sales strategies
  • Quick response to customer orders and in-time delivery

 Painpoints of Chain Restaurant Industry

Pricing for one product may vary according to different customer patterns, distribution channels, regions, sales forms and sales quantities. Ways of price adjustment for new lines and in-season products are selected based upon different customers.

Different price strategies comprising seasonal variation in price, no discount for promoted and ? products and product mix, etc. leave open the possibility of mistakes if handled manually.

Most of the chain stores apply manual or single POS management to transfer data (e.g. products information, sales figures, etc.) to headquarter by means of fax or handwritten documents. HQ then has to collect the data which further hinders the efficiency.

HQ’s promotion schemes and latest news fail to reach retailers with quickness and accuracy and consequently impede promotion implementation and information transfer.

Fail to share information and do in-time data analysis and hence affect the management’s decisions.

Multiple sales modes that demand distinction among cash sales, coupon sales, credit repayment and VIP customers management.

  • Food expiry date management.
  • Most of the chain store staff is so poorly educated that some even know nothing about computers.
  •  MTC Chain Restaurant Solution ( SAP for Food Industry)

Based upon the understanding of chain distribution and rich in implementation experience with distribution industry, MTC food chain industry solution is a product of SAP Business One which is tailored to solve the management painpoints of food retailing and distribution, and establish a “short, even and swift” information management system for food enterprises.

 Features of MTC Chain Restaurant Solution

Uniformity of basic information (inc. product and price information, etc.). Product’s basic and price information is maintained by headquarter and available for download by chain stores so as to ensure the uniformity and completion of basic data.

Flexible price strategy. The system manages to work out flexible price strategies inc. seasonal price variation, product portfolio, product discount, discount for single product and whole order, free gift with minimum purchase, etc. Chain stores can download basic information and price strategy synchronically. The system thus is able to calculate prices automatically and correctly during sales, reduce manmade mistakes and avoid management defects.

Prompt and correct data transfer. Computerized cashier available in chain stores that ensures quick and accurate cashier and sales statistics. Chain stores resort to the system to confirm product purchasing and distribution as well as to upload sales data. Factory can get chain store’s purchasing information and discrepancies of goods distribution. Also can they get chain store’s sales information and make prompt decisions. Besides, the system supports messages sent from center to chain stores, and offers reminding function for stores when they receive new messages.

Management of VIP customers or club members: The system supports VIP customers or club members management that records detailed trade information of VIP customers and correspondent reward points & points redemption.

Management of multiple terms of payment: Terms of payment comprise coupon, card, check, credit card and cash, etc. Besides, customers can enjoy the service of pay by card, meaning consumption first and replenishment afterward. As for coupon, barcodes recognition is also achievable with the system during the return of coupons.

Close integration with finance: Close integration of finance and business, automatic generation of financial documents, unification of finance and business, perfect integration of capital flow, logistics and information flow.

Management of storage life: The system automatically delivers warnings of upcoming expiry dates for staff to handle.

Easy operation: The operation is easy to handle especially for chain store staffs, e.g. the input content includes price, mnemonic code, material code, and scanning barcode. Templates can be customized while inputting other documents. Only tiny alternations thus are needed while selecting templates during the following inputs

Data analysis and decision: Statistics, data analyses and illustrations facilitate the management to make scientific decisions, analyze sales condition and profitability of each store. The dashboard-like dynamic analysis report allows the management to know and master needed information with much more flexibility and comprehensiveness.

Flexible developing tool: To use SAP’s SDK tool can develop additional functions and modules which allow further branching out and extension.

Benefits of MTC Chain Restaurant Solution

By using SAP Business One baking and food chain industry solution, you will get the following benefits:

Build an information management platform for enterprises to standardize business processes, enhance the capacity of coordination and overall work efficiency, optimize and balance the process of supply chain and make the management mode replicable.

  • Establish well-rounded, regulated, correct and in-time data sharing system.
  • In-time acquisition of effective data and all-round & multi-perspective data analysis provide scientific base for management and decision, and render digitalized decisions achieveable.
  • Improve enterprises’ comprehensive competence by adoption of informatization technology: to raise enterprises’ competitiveness by means of realizing the interaction between sales outlets and backstage supporter, achieving maximum sales volume based upon minimum inventory, limiting the loss of product invalidity within the minimum range, and broadening the sources of income and economizing on expenditures.