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MTC Swine Breeding Industry Solution

Being a crucial part of husbandry industry, pig breeding occupies a large proportion of animal husbandry. The per capita share of pork in China has already surpassed the global average. The pig breeding enterprises are developing toward the direction of expanding scale, intellectualization and informatization.

As pig production is becoming increasingly intelligent, more and more enterprises begin to apply new technologies and products in production and operation management. On the premise of ensured food safety and market competitiveness, farming corporations are in sore need of an IT platform to realize the lean management.


MTC swine industry solution is combined with MTC’s rich IT implementation experience in farming and livestock industry, It is a mature ERP platform tailored for large-scale swine farm enterprises.

MTC swine industry solution helps you establish a management platform for livestock production standard, planning, operation, finance, cost control, profit analysis, supply chain, business process, real-time analysis functions, etc. The solution achieves the following goals to enhance the competitiveness:

  • Swine breeding management standardization.
  • Complete real-time supply chain management and tracking system.
  • Real-time farm monitoring and big data analytics.
  • Multi-dimensional cost management accurately reflect production performance.
  • Automatic work order pushing and intelligent production planning.
  • Group management supported by uniform standard and internal control system.
  • Real-time reporting and intelligent analysis.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party system by using stable and flexible platform support.


Swine Industry Solution

MTC Swine breeding solution focuses on solving the painpoints of breeding/commercial swine husbandry management:

Planning Management: to realize automatic calculation of variety introduction, mating, pregnancy check, parturition, weaning, sty shifting, growing and fattening, selling, immunity and health, feeding, etc., and to improve the virtuous production cycle to achieve full load balanced production on the basis of information like pig inventory, growing phase, pig farm production capacity and market trend, etc.

To implement document of uniform production standard system based on standard program management to standardize large-scale husbandry management.

Integrated Management Platform: to eliminate isolated system and acquire management of entire business cycle including variety introduction, mating, pregnancy and parturition, caring, growing and fattening, selling. )

Various Production Modes: support corporation&base&farmer, corporation&base and other agricultural and livestock production modes.

Cost and Profit Analysis: multi-dimensional construction analysis and accounting system of cost and profit of all production links.

Feed and Medicine Management: management of basic information of feed and medicine, purchasing plan, inventory, recipient recording, cost prediction and statistics, etc.

Key Points’ Management: mating and parturition rate, weaned piglet survival rate, conservation period survival rate, incubation period survival rate, sow culling rate, commercial pig’s quality rate, feed conversion rate, etc.

Acquire accurate business data in real time, and provide scientific report via all-round and multi-perspective data analysis.


By using MTC pig breeding solution, you will get the following benefits:

  • Build a comprehensive, regulated, accurate and coordinated information management platform. To facilitates the future business expansion and managerial reform.
  • Accomplish fully efficient and virtuous production cycle and full load balanced production, raise the return on investment and reduce operating risk through effective planning and prediction.
  • Put through the entire production flow from breeding/commercial pig breeding to sales, eliminate the information island and realize the fine management of multi-business units including finance, purchasing, sales, production, inventory, etc.
  •   Accurate knowledge of housing cost or batch cost composition through scientific cost and profit accounting method.
  • Mobile solution speeds up the data transfer cycle and improves the customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time planning & report & analysis, make the business processes more transparent and management decisions more scientific.