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Anyou: Increasing Efficiency, Transparency, and Control at 40 Subsidiaries with SAP Business One®Anyou success story

“I believe that MTC’s international professional implementation services team will give customers beyond the expected implementation of the results and the ideal return on investment.”

Farmers in 26 provinces across China and Southeast Asia rely on Anyou Biotechnology Group for high-quality feed to nourish their livestock. As a fast-growing enterprise with over 40 subsidiaries and over 1,300 suppliers and customers, Anyou needed a consolidated IT platform that would streamline operations and increase transparency for the business, its distributors, and the farmers.

Working with MTC, Anyou deployed the SAP Business One® application powered by SAP HANA®. As a result, it has increased operational efficiency – from financials to planning to costing to inventory – by as much as 60%. And greater control is resulting in less risk enterprise-wide. By running SAP Business One at its headquarters and all of its subsidiaries, Anyou has unified data management so it can make faster, more-informed decisions to stay ahead of customer demand and continue to feed its competitive edge.


  • Integrated enterprise data, such as master data, procurement, sales, production, finance, inventory etc.
  • Managing transactions of cross-company, cross-region & group company
  • Establish a complete, easy-to-use, real-time quality tracking system
  • Flexible price strategy & sales discount management
  • Realized the business-critical points control (weighing, line of credit, price, etc.)
  • Seamless integration with 3rd-party systems


  • A comprehensive, accurate and real-time platform. Make business with good expandability and replicability easily
  • Shorten the accounting time to hours through scientific cost accounting method
  • Feed quality management and whole process tracing system
  • Real-time planning & report & analysis system, make business processes more transparent and management decisions much faster
  • Worked with MTC to deploy SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA across 40 group companies in 18 months
  • Enabled centralized, real-time data management group wide, increasing transparency across the business from planning to costing to inventory

Future Plans:

  • Business and financial reporting standard, data accuracy
  • Rollout of mobility, tracking, BI and credit evaluation solutions.
  • Deploy the SAP® Customer Relationship Management application at headquarters for a 360-degree view of customers that will increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Consolidate financials across the group by integrating the SAP Simple Finance solution at headquarters with the add-on for SAP S/4HANA with SAP Business One

“Deploying SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA with MTC made our operations more efficient. Management is streamlined and controls are standardized, reducing risk. Our data is integrated, eliminating information silos. Our decisions are faster and data driven, giving us a competitive edge.”

Mr. Deng Meng, CIO, Anyou Biotechnology Group Co. Ltd.