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Cargill Group

Cargill Group,one of the four largest grain merchants, the Group has an annual turnover of over 120 billion U.S. dollars, Cargill animal protein business unit have implementedthe SAP Business One system combined with MTC the chicken-stop industry chain industry solutions.

Cargill is the world’s largest agriculture and animal husbandry private company, one of the four major grain merchants. The Group has an annual turnover of over 140 billion U.S. dollars. Cargill is committed to promote the sustainable development of China’s agriculture and food security by improving the efficiency and added value of the agricultural production, processing, distribution and trade of supply.

Cargill Animal Protein is one of the world’s largest meat and poultry processors, one each year for a total production of 590 million tons of animal protein. The business unit in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Australia have a beef processing business; pork business in the United States; turkey business in the United States; poultry operations in Thailand, the United Kingdom, Canada and Honduras has; Asia in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, and has sales offices in Seoul. Cargill Animal Protein Division following products sold to customers of the Greater China region: United States, Canada, Argentina and Australia produced beef; U.S. pork; U.S. turkey. Cargill Animal Protein is taking efforts to become a global leader in the field of food safety.

In 2011, Cargill consider to choose a suitable industry requires the whole industry chain integration of ERP systems for animal protein companies stationedin Chinato streamline business processes improve management efficiency, integration regulate the internal management. Many traditional ERP products are multi-functional cured, which does not meet Cargill’s requirements. Through multilateral research, SAP Business One with its fully integrated platform capacity, flexibility and scalability advantages, as well as in China successfully achieved the success stories of the whole industry chain solutions in the same industry, the management of Cargill unanimously approved.

With an accurate grasp of customers’ needs, “chicken-stop “the extensive industry on the whole industry chain project experience, as well as focus on the agriculture &food industry service reputation and demonstrate, the MTC has finally come to the fore.


  • Achieve the management needs of all business units with higher ROI
  • Build a highly integrated system of management platform
  • Build the farm-to-table supply chain processes and traceability system
  • Deploy SAP system timely and promptly
  • Meet the internal and external financial requirements as a global firm
  • Integrate with the 3rd party systems seamlessly


  • Completed SAP system implementation within 8 months; Realized the deployment of information system for chicken integration management platform
  • Ensure food safety through managing the farm to table processes and the traceability system
  • Highly improve the operational efficiency by successfully completing the orders, shipping & receiving, payments, costing, fiscal year reports with U.S. headquarter.
  • Integrated system data of multiple business units for the “chicken integration” industry chain platform

Future Plans:

  • Launch the further food processing SAP project in the next half year.
  • Rollout the 2nd chicken integration SAP projects in two years later.
  • Optimize the business processes to improve business efficiency by using system effectively.