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Bring Safety and Tasty to Dining Table

——OSI in China: Data Analysis and Traceability System for Integrated Food Industry Chain

OSI produces and sells raw, partially-cooked, and fully-cooked chicken; beef and pork products; and a variety of other non-meat products including pizza, baked goods, eggs, vegetables and other agricultural products in over 85 countries and areas. It is a well-known meat and vegetable processing group that has some 12,000 staff globally. Customers of OSI include world leading quick-service restaurants and other away-from-home food providers, branded food marketers, and food retailers. It is one of the most important partners of McDonald’s and Yum Brands within worldwide range.

It has been five years since OSI started to use SAP Business One back in 2008. Thanks to SAP’s flexibility and scalability, OSI has been changing and growing during the past five years. These advantages have not only facilitated OSI in business expanding, but also been implemented in every section of the group’s operation and management.

As customers change their taste for food with increased frequency, the variety of food products is becoming larger, consumers are attaching more importance to food safety, and the requirement of risk control capacity for a company is getting higher. OSI management then has found that although SAP Business One helps business extend and grow, but with the purpose to bring safe and tasty food onto every consumer’s dining table, enterprises need faster and more diverse solution system to respond to the ever-changing market. However, the enlarging database and management system have hindered OSI’s response.

Consumers now are paying more attention to food safety than ever before, and food source is secured by technical advancement and enterprise’s enhanced information management capacity. Some of the leading companies have been focusing on technology updates. Shouldering the mission of “ bringing safe and tasty food onto every family’s dining table”, they start from various sections of the food chain, introducing the “company & farm” business concept and mode, and improve their customers’ diet structure and living standard by offering them green, safe and healthy food that meet the international standards.

Built upon SAP HANA, and possessed the merits of flexibility, economy, efficiency, and real-timeness, MTC data analysis and traceability system for integrated food industry chain stepped into OSI management’s sight in 2012. HANA’s brand new calculation method can quickly sharpen enterprises’ insight and analyzing ability. This is the very solution that OSI needs.

Food traceability and delivery time are exceptionally complex sections of the food industry. Thousands of types of products and multiple varieties of processes (including fresh, frozen, refrigerated food as well as those with long shelf life) are supplied by food manufacturers to serve their customers which range from big retailers to small chain stores, independent outlets, catering companies, restaurants and food exporters, etc. Besides, manufacturers must promptly respond to retailers and customers’ requests, manage the flow of supply chain, and meanwhile ensure the efficiency and timeliness. OSI’s successful application of SAP HANA has founded a well-rounded and real-time food traceability system of the integrated food industry. The system enables the food traceability to start from customers, and makes anytime inquiry and prompt feedback of products delivery, production batch, bill of materials and test results possible. Facilitated by the system, managers are able to exert a more transparent and prompt control over the overall quality, and this has ensured OSI to bring safe and tasty food to everyone’s dining table.

With the successful application of SAP HANA, OSI has coped with the problems like big data collection and monthly workload calculation, and built a real-time business data platform upon the integrated food industry solution. This application not only helps in making the group’s multi-perspective, standard and real-time reports, but quickly and deeply improves the food traceability system of the whole industry at the same time.

As an information expert within the food industry, MTC’s integrated food industry solution built upon SAP Business One is implemented and applied with great success. OSI is currently summarizing the successful experience of practice, and is considering to promote the in-depth employment of information of the food industry as OSI itself continuously grows.