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Lucite International is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products with a heritage based upon the acrylic businesses of Dupont and ICI.

Lucite International has a goal that appears to be simple—— go further. However, the company’s passion lies in its ambition to deliver exceptional added value and provide a wider range of choices for all customers.

ICI first began its acrylics business in the 1930′s, when it invented the first commercial process for MMA. ICI and Dupont then commenced MMA Monomers and Sheet production in Cassel, United Kingdom and Belle, United States. In 1993 ICI acquired the Dupont acrylics business.

In 1999, Lucite International was carved out of ICI in a leveraged buy-out backed by Charterhouse Development Capital and Ineos Capital. The company’s headquarters is located at Southampton, United Kingdom.

In 2003, Lucite International has chosen MTC as its partner for SAGE implementation. During the 10-year long cooperation, MTC acquired the recognition and appreciation of Lucite International’s top management who have later made the decision to apply MTC’s SAP Business One in 2013. The implementation of SAP Business One has maximized the operation efficiency within the company, and laid a sound foundation that helps Lucite International carry out its strategic plans to compete in the global market.