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Shanghai Sky-Harmony Industrial CO., Ltd

Shanghai Sky-Harmony Industrial CO., Ltd, a set of standardized, intensive one large integrated food service company. The company set up the star central kitchen, to form their own group meals, super-POS processing side chains. It is China’s premier food industry chain Group.

Shanghai Sky-Harmony Industrial CO., Ltd. is an innovative emerging food companies to ” build a foundation of people’s livelihood, the dining table is fresh, healthy, safer, rest assured that ” for the purposeto build the company into a corporate consumer confidence, with the corporate world to become a pilot of the Chinese food market era.

Sky-Harmony’s business involves several major areas of the chain of Japanese seafood buffet and noodle shop chain management, management of group meals, food import and export trade and farm operations, products related to frozen food, finished and semi-finished products, flour products, hot and cold chain products, packaged food, seasonings, and has all kinds of custom food processing, and distribution services to the home and other operating items.

As a business involves ” from farm to table “- the group of companies of the food industry chain, Sky-Harmony sinks after a year of careful product selection and related industry ERP product implementation experience, the final decision to choose the MTC” Farm To Table ” solution, SAP Business One platform help businesses rigorous operational control demand and food security and traceability system.

Takefine standardized management and standardized services dedicated as the goal, Shanghai Sky-Harmony Industrial CO., Ltd., takes efforts to provide consumers with high quality, high safety of fresh food and the service on SAP Business One information technology platform.