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sharonShanghai Sharon Livestock Co., Ltd.

“To bring ERP into the farming and livestock industry, or the prevailing of ERP implementation among more and more farming and livestock enterprises, the profit thereof cannot be simply calculated by figures or amount of money. SAP owns advanced technology and managerial concept, and MTC is an information service supplier specialized in livestock industry. A combination thus has been formed upon the advantages of both parties to serve as a qualified software supplier as well as a cooperation partner who has provided Sharon with practical solutions of great assistance.”

Xu Linfeng, the General Manager of Shanghai Sharon Livestock Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sharon Livestock Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Sharon) is a swine-breeding enterprise integrating the breed conservation of endemic species, breeding of cross-fertilized sows and farming of commercial pigs. With Fengjing Swine-Breeding Center, commercial pig farm and swine-breeding farm- which is Shanghai’s first-class and standard swine farm- as its affiliations, Sharon is one of the largest swine-breeding enterprises in Shanghai.

Being a well-known breeding enterprise in Shanghai, Sharon has implemented the SAP Business One solution with the combination of MTC’s solution for pig farm management. The enterprise, therefore, has been able to integrate the operational resource, improve the sales’ efficiency, slash the breeding cost, and enhance management, profitability and decision-making by application of scientific managerial approaches, hence to maintain the remarkable profitability even when the swine-breeding market is currently in a downturn.


  • To build an integrated management platform so as to join the links of variety introduction, quality check,  mating, pregnancy, parturition, nursing, growing and fattening and selling, therefore, to further acquire the lean management of finance, cost, purchasing and breeding, meanwhile to make management standardized, production well-planned and cost control refined.
  • To realize automatic calculation of variety introduction, quality check, mating, pregnancy, parturition, weaning, sty shifting, growing and fattening, selling, immunity and health, feeding, etc., and to improve the virtuous production cycle to achieve full load balanced production.
  • To perform an all-dimensional, multi-perspective contrastive analysis on KPI of breeding and productivity upon which the manager can make scientific decisions.
  •  To form a system of multi-dimensional construction analysis and accounting upon cost and profit of all production links.
  • Feed & Medicine Management: For example, management of basic information of feed and medicine, purchasing plan, inventory, recipient recording, cost prediction and statistics, etc.
  • Standardized Management: To implement document of uniform production standard system based on standard program management to standardize large-scale husbandry management and support the enterprise’s future business expansion and management reform.


  • Real-time examination of livestock inventory is available with the system. The precision rate of inventory is raised from 70% to 95%.
  • Well-planned work upon wine-breeding, commercial pig fattening, protection and epidemic prevention. Timely allocation of materials and staff to help technicians in field work with celerity, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Standardized production links and lean breeding & management of every breeding stage of swine and commercial pigs. Arrangement in advance according to the plans, in-process control based upon the to-do lists, instructions pursuant to the breeding manual, and post hoc analysis under the reports.
  • Cost accounting is scheduled down to cent and close to the international level. The quantity of feed and vaccines each shed consumes can be checked by the management system, which is also able to perform the multi-dimensional cost construction and profit analysis according to diverse growth phases, sheds and species.
  • Key Points’ Management: For example, mating and parturition rate, weaned piglet survival rate, conservation period survival rate, incubation period survival rate, sow culling rate, commercial pig’s quality rate, feed conversion rate, PSY, etc.