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Tianjin Meat Process Factory ( the former No.2 Meat Process Factory in Tianjin) was established in 1953. It is a State-level II enterprise whose primary business includes pig slaughtering, meat processing and meat products manufacturing. Its products have been sold in Japan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong for over 30 years. Its “Yingbin” cooked meat product is awarded as State & Ministerial Quality Product. “Yingbin” ham is the best seller in Tianjin that enjoys 100% market coverage, and is awarded as Tianjin’s 3rd patch of China’s Time-Honored Brand

In 2013, Tianjin Meat Process Factory made the decision to change its old production line information management system due to the ever-increasing production demand. In February, several domestic well-known IT companies including Shanghai MTC Information Technology Co., Ltd Tianjin Branch (herein after referred to as MTC) went to Tianjin Meat Process Factory to do the investigation. During the investigation, MTC crews combined the SAP Business One information platform with the factory practice so as to restructure the business process and carry out detailed information construction schemes. After more than 2 months’ study and communication, MTC’s SAP-based solution integrating pig breeding, slaughtering and processing stood out from other candidate suppliers. In the end of March 2013, Tianjin Meat Process Factory officially authorized MTC as its ERP supplier and thus became the first state-own enterprise that collaborated with MTC.

With the implementation of SAP-based “pig breeding integration” information platform, Tianjin Meat Process Factory has upgraded the business flow including sections like breeding, manufacturing, finance, operation, etc. and realized the lean management. All these efforts has made it possible to bring safety and tasty food to every customer’s dining table.