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Customer company name: Toray Polytech (Nantong) Co., Ltdheader_logo_01

Location: Japan

Branches: 200 subsidiaries and associated companies in 19 countries and regions,

Business model: the development, production, processing, marketing

Industry Products & Services: organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, biochemistry

Size: $ 12 billion

Number of Employees: 35,000

Website: http: //

Why did you choose SAP Technology:

The big data technology of SAP HANA is the key point for the customer to make the final decision to select SAP Business One on HANA at last. Also customer has visited SAP China Labs in Shanghai to evaluate the true HANA capability before they make decision. Even some of the customers Affiliate running Microsoft Dynamics, and recommend Microsoft Dynamics. But the customer is fully impressed by B1 on HANA analytics functions and real time reporting presentation. The customer said “We do not want to go to a new system with old technology, we are looking for new system with new technology for future i.e. SAP Business One on HANA ”.

Customer background:

TPN started supplying PP spunbond nonwovens (SMMS and SS) since 2008 with production capability of 17,000tons per year. To catch up with the growth of China market, TPN has invested and expanded annual capacity to 77,000tons, which is poised to be the largest spunbond manufacturer in China through the consecutive investment for TPN-2 in 2011, TPN-3 in 2012 and TPN-4 in 2014. TPN, the biggest production capacity at a single site in ASIA, has global competencies in service, product quality and volume, and has been stably supplying under long-term contracts through esteemed reputation from the global top companies -customers- in ASIA.

To fulfill their fast growing business in China and worldwide, they need to migrate the existing local ERP system to an integrated and simplified ERP platform to support their export business requirements, MES integration requirements, faster and intelligent big data analysis reporting requirements etc., An all in one ERP platform.

Business Challenges:

Faster growing business need to deal with huge business data every day, marketing change need business internal operation process can be reengineering very fast in the system. TPN need flexible and intelligent ERP platform with big data technology and use friendly configure, programming capacity.

Tell us about the SAP solution that was implemented, starting with the specific SAP products.

As an ERP system, SAP Business One is very flexible and easy to use. Under the condition of high ROI returns, we are glad to see the project implementation have a very short term and low risk. MTC strictly in accordance with the implementation methodology, we step by step to research, blueprint, data preparation, testing, etc. so far, Toray built a real-time & clear integrated management platform via SAP Business One on HANA, integrated all business functions including sales, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, procurement, finance, and other 3rd-party systems.

The result. Tell us about the impact of the solution. Did this transform your business? Was there leading-edge innovation? Was there strong evidence of strong business success? What were the key benefits?

Deliver the real-time enquiries service to their customer with HANA technology. More flexible integration functions with MES system. Shortage system monthly closing period to 1 day by using SAP Business One on HANA solution.

Customer 360 degree enquiries within ONE second, monthly closing within ONE day, simplified and integrated all in ONE ERP, business transaction management and real time data analysis in ONE data platform—–SAP BUSINESS ONE on HANA

Toray very valued HANA’s implement effect, so MTC’s implementation experience and numerous success customers in HANA become the reason for the choice. In addition,MTC is the 1st accredited PQP recognized by SAP Global and obtain the qualification for 4 years . The qualities of customer service and support capabilities are secured. We believe that an innovative team,have sustainable development ability, responsible for the customer’s partner, can help us and grow together with us.

Future IT plans:

As an international cooperation, SAP Business One will be integrated with SAP ECC system in Toray’s headquarters. In the future, the mobile application and big data analysis will become main IT strategy, especially in sales and management, aims to enhance overall competitiveness with the help of digital technology.