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Yihua Food was established in Minhang District, Shanghai in 2005. It is an exclusively foreign-own enterprise specialized in production of traditional Italian flavored meat products. Affiliated with Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Yihua Food is the only full-invested subsidiary in China.意华LOGO2意华LOGO 1

Yihua has been focusing on good quality and faithful service, and providing customers with safe, hygienic and high quality products since its foundation. To ensure that customers will have safe and healthy meat products, the company has established and improved its food safety management system which has been exerting a strict control over business sections like purchase of raw material, product processing, consumption, etc.

Aiming to raise profit and upgrade management, Yihua Food implemented a set of ERP solution in 2008. After 5 years of ERP user experience, however, neither the implemental effect nor ROI lived up to the company’s expectation. Therefore, after weighing pros and cons, Yihua decided to drop the implementation of the original system and select a new set of ERP management system customized for food industry. The company then was dedicated in catalogue selection and welcomed suppliers domestic and abroad to do the feasibility study.

As SAP’s designated partner within the food industry, MTC did the on-site investigation in Yihua in 2013. During that period, Yihua Food’s top management developed great interest in SAP Business One information management platform. MTC’s excellency and expertise were highly appreciated by the management who finally decided to choose MTC as their partner for SAP implementation and service. In May 2013, Yihua Food officially signed the contract with MTC.

On July 17, 2013, Yihua Food’s SAP implementation project started up with great success. Yihua vividly described this issue as a “revolution” that replaces the old with the new.

With care and support from the top management of both parties, as well as a hand-in-glove cooperation with the project team, MTC team for internationalized and professional SAP implementation and customer service is confident to make Yihua Food a model of information management within the region and the industry.

It is deeply convincible that in the coming future, more and more enterprises within the food industry will have their efficiency and management improved with the implementation of MTC’s ERP service.